Certification Exam



This is the Certification Exam required to earn a credential as a Certified Bartender (CB) from Bartenders Association Internationale. Questions in the Certification Exam are based on the Certified Bartender Course Curriculum textbooks. If you have not studied these materials, then you might not be prepared to take this exam. We advise that you first complete the course lessons and read the materials prior to taking your exam.

Certification is based on a pass/fail grading system. Students must correctly answer 80 or more of the 100 questions posed in the exam. Once the exam is passed successfully (scoring 80 or higher), the exam cannot be taken again to reach a higher score. Students who do not successfully pass the exam may choose to re-take the exam.

  • All students have 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • There are 100 questions in the exam
  • Students must correctly answer at least 80 questions in order to pass the exam

Upon successful completion of all course requirements for this Program, graduates will be awarded a certificate which they can download online. Note: We highly recommend that students complete all preparatory course lessons in the CB program before they consider taking the Certification Exam in order to be fully prepared.  Students may re-take the Certification Exam at no additional fee.


Cost: $299.95

Includes full access to all 14 course lessons and the Certification Exam.  All required textbooks are included with this program. Students may re-take the Certification Exam at no additional fee. (As a student of the Certified Bartender program you can get a discount for eTIPS training for intervention procedures. Once registered, we will provide you with the discount code offered exclusively for our students.)  Additional shipping and handling charges may apply to students outside of the contiguous United States.