Introduction to Bartending

Bartending is an occupation that can provide substantial full- or part-time income. It can help put you or your children through school.  It can bring in that extra money for that previously unattainable vacation, or become a lifetime occupation. That is why we have designed this program – to help get you behind the bar, making money and having fun.


In this lesson, you will learn:


  • The history of bartending
  • The roles of the bartender
  • Characteristics of a professional bartender




    Cost: $299.95

    Includes full access to all 14 course lessons and the Certification Exam.  All required textbooks are included with this program. Students may re-take the Certification Exam at no additional fee. (As a student of the Certified Bartender program you can get a discount for eTIPS training for intervention procedures. Once registered, we will provide you with the discount code offered exclusively for our students.)  Additional shipping and handling charges may apply to students outside of the contiguous United States.