Is this the right course for me?






Knowing what to expect from any training program or course is important when you’re deciding if it’s right for you. By choosing to invest in yourself, you’re making a commitment to spending your time and money wisely. Along with these financial and personal decisions, you also need to know how a training program is designed to help you learn.


Certified Bartender is a self-paced online training program. We have created the Certified Bartender training program to empower you  – to learn whenever and wherever you like – using multiple learning styles  – and fun activities that help sharpen your skills.


So, what is self-paced online training?


“Self-paced, online courses are a specific type of online training in which students use a Web browser to access a course management system and complete Web-based courses at their own pace. While completing these courses, students do not interact with an instructor or other students.” – Journal of Educational Computing Research


The benefit of a self-paced online program is that it makes it very convenient for you to study how you want, when you want, and at the speed you want. For example, you might want to understand the big picture so you may skip ahead to a later lesson, while someone else wants a step-by-step process and will follow each lesson in order.


If you’re thinking that self-paced might sound a bit lonely, well it doesn’t have to be (unless you prefer to work alone). We have discussion forums to encourage peer-to-peer interaction and you can reach out to us through the online Blackboard with any questions. We practice “Active Learning” and use assessment as an aid to learning – not simply to compare or rank students against each other.


If you’re not too keen on the idea of studying alone when the kids are in bed or when you are in your pajamas at home, then you may want to consider another training program that may work better for you. (But we’d love it if you gave us a try as your first online training experience!)


We’re here when you need us!


We want you to succeed, so you can reach out to us with any questions that come up during your studies. If you get stuck, need some help or a little encouragement to keep on going, we’re here to help you.  You will also receive instant feedback on your learning progress with the online flashcards and practice quizzes so you will know if you’re on the right track!


Retaining what you learn


Certified Bartender has included a number of activities including practice hands-on activities, because your brain is designed to learn and remember more when you actually DO things rather than when you read about things.


In your hands-on drink-making activities, we build upon what you already know and “scaffold” on previous lessons. We also ask you to observe and make evaluations or judgments. The more you engage your brain, the more likely you will focus, remember and be even more successful in learning over a longer period of time.


Apply what you learn immediately to your career success


With this program, we give you the information you need to pursue a career path you choose. By going through our training, you get the core knowledge, vocabulary and skill set you need to prepare for a career change. We also give you the tips and techniques to start interviewing and looking for a bartending job.  You also have access to several job boards for the food service and hospitality industries as well as resources to help you create your resume, cover letters and business cards.


Time & Money Commitment


You’re building the foundation for your career by investing in your education. The return on your investment for this training means that you will have skills and knowledge to last a lifetime. By taking this course you will be prepared for job opportunities.  You will also build up your skills in making drinks of all types, garnish and presentation techniques and best practices in service and teamwork.  In addition to becoming proficient in key components to making a great drink, the lessons will give you the knowledge you need to interview and apply for jobs as well as pointers to help you earn better tips from customers. Assignments and activities will also help you apply your knowledge and encourage you to focus on how to become a highly talented and fun bartender.


How our training is different from other programs


There are many different types of bartender training programs to choose from. Some may or may not include certification. Some programs may also require that you have previous work experience for you to succeed or enroll in the program. Some programs may also charge you to retake any courses or exams.   Certified Bartender provides education when you’re ready. There are no classrooms to drive to, no parking permits to pay for and no student body fees. No exams that you have to take on campus. The course curriculum beats (if not matches) many of the programs offering certification and is delivered in a straightforward and supportive online training environment.  We do not charge separately for books, lab materials, exams or certification. We offer this to you as a complete package. With our program, there's no waiting for courses to become available and dragging out your learning over semesters. You can start right away! You are not subject to waiting for course availability and class or exam schedules. No waiting for others to catch up with you and no feeling lost if the rest of the class may be moving ahead if you’re not ready. Your time is spent as you decide.


More information about the program at FAQs


If you're serious about getting your Certified Bartender® credentials and building your credibility, visibility and success in a bartending career, we urge you to GET STARTED!